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Canada's Hoax of a Democracy & Tyrant Trudeau : #TruckersForFreedom protesters treated like animals

News by NRI Herald Australia 20th Feb 2022

Canada's hoax democracy
Ottawa Riot Police action, picture source : NYT

OTTAWA — The center of a sprawling protest in the Canadian capital was cleared of demonstrators for the first time in three weeks on Saturday, following an aggressive push by armed police officers to drive out the protesters.

Starting about 10 a.m. police advanced on trucks that had been parked on Wellington Street, the thoroughfare in front of the Parliament building, drawing guns on some vehicles, and arresting protesters inside and nearby the trucks.

The operation was an escalation by the authorities to finally end the protests, which began with a convoy of truckers rallying against vaccine mandates, and later inspired demonstrations around the world. Officers, some brandishing batons, others holding rifles, pushed to regain the area in front of Parliament, expanding an operation that began on Friday to remove demonstrators and parked trucks that have blocked the city’s downtown core.

In the heart of the encampment, the police pushed people back with batons and irritant spray. They advanced methodically truck by truck as demonstrators shouted, “Shame on you!” At points, officers trained guns on individual trucks, or pointed them at the vehicles’ windows. They banged on doors, opening them up in an attempt to check for or dislodge any occupants who were still inside.

As per on of the NYT report, A recording played in French and English, as the police advanced. “You must leave,” it said. “Anyone found in the zone will be arrested.”

By midmorning, police had cleared the demonstrators from what had been the occupation’s core, Wellington Street, in front of the house of Parliament, and set up barricades. Most of the trucks entrenched there for the past three weeks drove off when the advance began; a few abandoned vehicles remained.

'We have been called terrorists':

"Tearful Ottawa gelato shop owner whose name was released in GiveSendGo data hack describes being hounded with death threats and says she's been forced to shut her shop"

  • An Ottawa gelato shop owner who was revealed to have donated to the Freedom Convoy claims she has since been doxxed and had her information posted online

  • Tammy Giuliani, who owns the Stella Luna Café, received constant abusive phone calls calling her a Nazi, and a sign saying 'Tammy supports terrorists'

  • Giuliani spoke of the backlash she's faced since news came to light of her donation to the group of Canadian truckers protesting against COVID mandates

  • 'You know, we have been called terrorists. For the first 60 to 36 hours, we were inundated with hatred, with threats of violence,' she said

  • Giuliani is among roughly 92,000 supporters of the Freedom Convoy that had their information hacked after donating to the cause through GiveSendGo

  • The crowdfunding website, which describes itself as the 'number one Christian crowdfunding site,' had raised more than $9 million of the $16 million goal

  • The website Distributed Denial of Secrets said it was given donor information that included including names, email addresses, ZIP codes and IP addresses.

"I think never in my 56 years have I ever experienced a country so divided, so full of hatred toward friends and neighbors ... You know, they may have opinions that differ from theirs, but they're so willing to publicly shame and humiliate and spew forth angry vitriol,' she said."

Duplicity: Tyrant Trudeau had supported anti-farm law protests in India

On January 29 this year, a convoy of 2700 trucks had entered Ottawa to protest against the ‘undemocratic’ Covid-19 policies of Justin Trudeau including mandatory vaccination for truckers entering Canada through the US-Canada border. Dubbed the ‘Freedom convoy’, it has amassed support from all sections of the public including prominent people like Donald Trump Jr, Joe Rogan and comedian Russel Brand.

In December 2020, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to interfere in the internal decision-making process of the Indian government in what appeared like a bid to appease the Khalistani elements in Canada. When the ‘farmer protestors’ began agitating against the democratically passed farm laws, he and his Ministers expressed ‘concern’ over the protests.

Trudeau had said, “I would be remiss if I didn’t start also by recognizing the news coming out of India about the protests by farmers. The situation is concerning. And we all are very worried about family and friends; I know that’s a reality for many of you. Let me remind you.”

He further claimed, “Canada will always be ready to defend the right to peaceful protest. We believe in the importance of dialogue and that’s why we reached out to multiple means directly to Indian authorities to highlight our concerns.”

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