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"2.5 Front War & Enemy within"-General Bipin Rawat and how he Made IAF as world's most lethal force.

A tribute to India's most celebrated Soldier by NRI Herald Australia 10 December 2021

"2.5 Front War-Enemy within"- General Bipin Rawat and how he Made IAF as world's most lethal force.
On visit to the United States in 2019, General Rawat was inducted to the United States Army Command and General Staff College International Hall of Fame. He is also the honorary General of Nepalese Army. He is the First Chief of Defence Staff - Picture Source: Google

General Rawat was commissioned in the Fifth Battalion of the 11 Gorkha Rifles in December 1978 after graduating from the IMA with a Sword of Honour, as the head of his batch. This was the Battalion commanded by his father Lt Gen Laxman Singh Rawat, who retired as Deputy Chief of Army. His grandfather was also in the Army. These are not even the beginning of his credentials which made him one of the most celebrated soldiers of his times.


CDS General Bipin Rawat had talked of 2.5 fronts many times during his address. By "2.5" General Rawat referred to China as the enemy number 1, Pakistan as second, and 3rd he was referring to internal enemies. Though Gen. Rawat did not mention it but was clearly referring to internal anti-nationals like Indian National Congress (INC), Islamists, corrupt journalists, fake social activists & protesters sponsored by enemy nations like China & Pakistan.

In one of the interview in 2017 to an Indian news agency, Gen Rawat said that he was confident the situation in Kashmir would soon normalise and Indian Armed Forces(IAF) is ready to face 2.5 fronts of war.

The 0.5 front was hazy in the past. But over in the past 10 years, the fog cleared in many angles and the 0.5 front has started to expose itself & more will get exposed in the future.

Earlier, the Army chief Bipin Rawat (before he became CDS) had termed the unrest in Kashmir “a proxy war” of Pakistan.

"This is a proxy war and proxy war is a dirty war. It is played in a dirty way. The rules of engagement are there when the adversary comes face-to-face and fights with you. It is a dirty war... That is where innovation comes in. You fight a dirty war with innovations,"


As CDS, General Rawat was ranked above the other four-star military officers heading the Navy, Air Force and Army, headed the Department of Military Affairs in the Defence Ministry, carving out responsibilities that were with the Department of Defence till then, and was the Principal Military Advisor to the Defence Minister on all matters related to the forces.

General Rawat brought state of the art innovation and processes into Indian Armed Forces with absolute annihilation of middleman culture which Ian Armed Forces was infested with in long 70 Years of Independence. Scams during Congress era were not new to General Rawat when he was given the utmost responsibility of leading all the 3 Armed Forces of India. First Among Equals is what his post of Chief Of Defense Staff (CDS) bestowed upon him.

Gen Bipin Rawat was a strong votary of Atma Nirbhar (self-reliance) in defence production and was instrumental in starting indigenous production of many arms and equipment within India. Gen. Rawat had a big role in encouraging DRDO and other organisations to excel in defence production. Apart from innovation and development of modern weapon systems and equipment, he pushed for transfer of technology to encourage participation of private sector in defence production.

Lt Gen S K Saini, who retired as Vice Chief of the Army earlier this year, and crossed paths with Rawat several times professionally, called him

“unflappable” and said that Rawat “had a lot of ideas”, although, he added, “I won’t say everybody found those ideas favourable across the board.” Rawat “came up innovative solutions to manpower problems”, he said.
“He was very open about issues and did not mince his words. Even if they were offensive or they heard others, he came out with those. Many people got offended by what he used to say. Nonetheless, he was very frank and expressed himself.”

General Rawat Vs Defence Procurement Middleman

General Rawat was the most celebrated soldier of his time. He was pain for many as he was on a mission to root out middleman from Defence procurement. Gen Rawat had taken an unprecedented tough stand on many issues related to India's security. His strong posture against China during the recent border stand-off had compelled Chinese troops to retreat.

As CDS, his primary roles were to “ensure optimum utilisation of allocated budget, usher in more synergy in procurement, training and operations of the services through joint planning and integration” and “facilitate indigenisation of weapons and equipment to the maximum extent possible while formulating the overall defence acquisition plan for the three services”.

General Bipin Rawat during one of his address once said that there is a possibility of India becoming the next Artificial Intelligence (AI) Superpower in the world while delivering a speech in Bengaluru.

Rawat said, "It is very much possible that India is going to become the next Artificial Intelligence (AI) Superpower through innovation and consistent research and development in the technology front."

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