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Terrorist "Bhindranwale" Billboard removed by the Outdoor Media Company after Australia-Wide outrage

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

News by NRI Herald Australia, 28th April 2022

Melbourne’s Indian-Australian community was shocked yesterday to see the posters and billboards displaying pictures of terrorist ‘Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’. As per NRI herald sources Many people from the community did also call Victoria police and local council authorities to inform them of these billboards glorifying terrorism and terrorists responsible for the genocide of thousands of innocent Indians.

Apart from sending official letters to the senior authorities of the outdoor media company "Civic Outdoor" which owns the particular billboard in question, there had also been an extensive email campaign which also garnered hundreds of emails from all across Australia requesting the management of the company to remove the billboard as it deeply hurts the entire India-Australian community.

While talking to NRI Herald the man behind the email campaign Mr Amit Singh Jadonn from Federation of Indian Communities, Victoria said:

Picture: Amit Singh Jadonn
"I was deeply saddened and hurt after seeing a terrorist responsible for taking thousands of innocent Indian lives is being glorified in Australia which I call my home. I could not move or think anything else for hours and decided to do something about it"
I along with Federation of Indian Communities, Victoria designed this email campaign so as to garner support all across Australia. I am deeply honoured to see the wide spread support we received from all sections of life including local Media.

Mr Jadonn further said that:

"The email campaign has garnered more than 644 responses and the call has been received from the Media company as per the satisfaction of the Indian Community. It has also been decided by the Media company that the terrorist poster will be removed as soon as possible."

Informing the company about Bhindranwale, the mail said, “The billboard displays an image of an individual “Jamail Singh Bhindranwale”, who is classified as a terrorist by not only the Indian government but also foreign governments and several international agencies. “Bhindranwale” symbolizes the terrorism fuelled movement of Khalistan against the Indian republic. Such displays show that secessionists who like to divide India and create Khalistan are strongly working in Victoria. And, unfortunately, your company, through this advertisement, is abetting the cause. Moreover, these acts pose a real problem for peaceful Australia and all Indians who live here and present a national security risk.”

It further said, “Furthermore, this is not the first time this particular Sikh temple has been involved in such events. On 19-20 February, Anti-Hindu, Anti-India, and pro-Khalistan banners were prominently displayed on the temple premises, which were later removed on the Intervention of authorities including the local council and police. Such displays of terrorizing intents that aim to inflict an emblematic re-emergence of the Khalistan movement are strongly condemned. Sikhs are an integral part of the Indian community worldwide and only a small venomous sect of people aggravated by terror forces funded by a geopolitical nexus indulge in these activities. We vehemently oppose such groups and their representatives who fuel communal tensions in peaceful Victoria and multicultural Australia at large. The advertisement also contravenes the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. Racial and religious vilification is unlawful under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act

One of the prominent Twitter Handle "Stop Hindu Hate Advocacy Group" tweeted

"Bhindranwale billboard was seen in Melbourne, Aus. Amar Singh of Turban 4 Australia, a Khalistani group, was awarded Citizen of the Year, Federal MP Alex Hawke tweeted in support of Khalistanis. GOI should make this an issue before any FTA's are signed."

Indian-Australian community was deeply hurt by this act of "glorification of terrorists" considering the latest surge in such activities. NRI herald also reported few weeks back when the terror accused "Deep Singh Sandhu" was glorified by the Craigieburn Sikh gurudwara. If the surge of such incidents are not checked by the law enforcement agencies across Australia might set a dangerous precedent for the future.

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