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#Bangladesh: Islamic extremists destroy Durga Puja Idols, Stop Hindus to worship at ancient temple.

News Published by NRI Herald Australia 12 October 2021

#Bangladesh: Islamic extremists destroy Durga Puja Idols,Hindus stopped to worship at ancient temple

Hindus are staging protests in the presence of Dhaka Police after Islamic extremists of Bangladesh stopped Hindus to worship at the ancient temple of Mother Durga during the holy 9 days of Navratri.

In a recent unfortunate event of islamic extremism in the capital city of Bangladesh a group of hindu worshipers were stopped to perform their Puja at the 500 year old Goddess Durga's temple by Islamic extremists. Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council informed about this incident via it's official twitter handle which said:

"We failed. We could not worship at the historic Sankhannidhi Temple on Tipu Sultan Road in Dhaka. The local extremists did not allow us to do pujo. The government has given a temporary place to worship. The idols are being transferred there. One day we will rescue our temple."

Hindus are protesting peacefully on the streets of Tipu Sultan Road against this extremism and blatant denial of their basic human rights.

Hindu Protest Bangladesh

#Kotwali, #Chittagong, #Kushtia , #Joypurhat ,#Dhaka : Islamic extremists destroy Durga Puja Idols

Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council tweeted about multiple incident of vandalism in which various Durga Idols were desecrated at places like Kotwali & Chittagong which was one a hub of ancient hindu philosophy before the genocide of millions of hindus in 1970s by Bangladeshi & Pakistani islamists.

Similar incidents of vandalism and desecration of Hindus goddess was reported in Kushtia & capital Dhaka.

Bangladesh has a long history of extremism against hindus and land loot.

Once a country of thriving hindu population have been marginalised to only 8.5% as per latest census due to constant persecution. The “Annual report on International religious freedom 2004,” said that 11 members of a Hindu family were burnt to death when arsonists set ablaze their home near the port city of Chittagong after the 2001 election.

In one of the book “Deprivation of Hindu Minority in Bangladesh: Living with Vested Property”, also found that Bangladeshi Hindus lost 2.6 million acres of land in the country in the last five decades.

In 2009, Bangladesh High Court ordered a judicial investigation into the post 2001 election violence. In 2011 the judicial commission submitted the findings of its investigation. The report found evidence of targeted violence against the Hindu community by 25 thousand people which included 25 Ministers and Members of Parliament of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the Jamaat-e-Islami-led alliance government.

The country witnessed a total of 153 incidents of attacks, vandalism and setting fire to Hindu temples in 2019. The number was 131 in 2018, said the Hindu Mohajote data.

In 2001, the Awami League made an attempt to restore Hindu property to its rightful owners by the Restoration of Vested Property Act, 2001; but it was nothing more than an eyewash. The requirements were too burdensome and failed to translate into any benefit at the ground level.

Approximately 1.2 million Hindu families, or 44% of all Hindu households, have been affected EPA/VPA: Hindus have been dispossessed of more than 2 million acres of land. Even after the Restoration of Vested Property Act passed in 2001, land encroachment involving Hindu land has continued but mostly during BNP governments. (Rabindranath Trivedi. Retired Additional Secretary and former Press Secretary to the President of Bangladesh. The legacy of enemy turned vested property act in Bangladesh. Asian Tribune. 29 May 2007.)

There may be no Hindus left in Bangladesh in 30 years
Data analysis presented by Vivek Ghumate of Sunday Guardian

In 1946, Noakhali district in south eastern Bangladesh, was the scene of a gruesome carnage which the historian Yasmin Khan described as being defined by “clear strategic organization (roads in and out of the almost inaccessible region were cordoned off)” (The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan. Yale University Press, 2008); at least 5,000 Hindus were massacred, hundreds of Hindu women raped and thousands forcibly converted to Islam; many more fled to India.

R.J. Rummel, in his book, Statistics of Democide: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900 (Chapter 8) concludes: “Consolidating both ranges, I give a final estimate of Pakistan’s democide to be 300,000 to 3,000,000, or a prudent 1,500,000.”

Using these estimates, the final casualty figures for Hindus sum up to anywhere between 1.2 to 2.4 million, as Hindus accounted for nearly 80% of those killed—a mind numbing figure by any standards.

In summary, the Hindus of Bangladesh have had an unenviable existence since 1947: they have been the victims of an unprecedented genocide, their properties continue to be illegally usurped, their temples continue to be desecrated and their women are fair target for their detractors—forcing them to flee the country in droves to the only land where they hope to find relief—India.

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