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Australian MP Craig Kelly wants CM Yogi on Loan to manage COVID in Australia, NRIs ensnared.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Reported by Sandeep Dankhar, Published by NRI Herald Australia, 11 July 2021

A recent tweet by an Australian Independent MP Craig Kelly is in news today where the honourable MP is asking the state of Uttar pradesh in India to loan their Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to Australia to clear the mess made by their premiers (Chief ministers in Australia).

MP Craig Kelly has joined the list of many renowned personalities who have admired the work of CM Yogi Adityanath in managing the Covid-19 crisis in one of the biggest states of the democratic republic of India.

Uttar pradesh’s covid management was also appreciated by world health organisation.

Snaphot of WHO website

As estimated in 2020-21, state of Uttar Pradesh has a population of around 241 million which makes it around 18% of india’s population while state only had 1.7million covid cases so far of which 1.68million were already recovered while other states like Maharashtra which has population of around 124 million(nearly half of UP’s population) had 6.088 million covid cases (data as of July 3, 2021). Maharashtra is also considered as one of the most richest state in India while UP is not. This shows the difference in governance run by a yogi (hindu monk) Chief Minister and other chief ministers who call themselves modern and advanced.

UP was once considered as one of the benighted and penurious state of india, before CM yogi took charge in 2017. Per capita income of state was around 52k INR in 2017 which has been increased to 94.4k INR in year 2020-21(est), clocking 55% increase in just 4 years.

President of BJP Mahila morcha (Women Cell) as a reply to MP Craig Kelly Tweeted :

"Yogi govt's strict implementation of "trace , test & treat" policy has shown these fruitful results. Respect for @myogiadityanath"

As yogi govt released a 64-page booklet titled “चुनोतियों मे तलाशें अवसर (challenges turned into opportunities)" which lists the achievements of govts in various fields. As mentioned in the booklet, Yogi government is also turning these difficult times into development opportunities for the state. Uttar pradesh alone have got over $3 billion investment proposals during the testing times of COVID under the remarkable governance of Yogi Adityanath.

“Uttar pradesh is ahead of other states in the country of 1.4 billion in implementation of 44 development schemes. This record of development has been achieved when the world is fighting COVID-19, by making arrangements for controlling covid-19, the state has indeed turned this challenge into an opportunity,”

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