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Aussies are set to celebrate International Yoga day in Ermington, Sydney tomorrow on 19th June.

News by NRI Herald Australia 18th June 2021

Australians are set to celebrate International Yoga day tomorrow (19th June 2022) at Ermington Community Centre. The event is being organised by Hindu Federation of Australia along with Yoga infinity Australia.

While talking to NRI Herald Mr Yogesh Khattar from Hindu Federation of Australia said:

"Yoga as a practice has innumerable benefits that positively affects an individual both physically and mentally"- said Mr Khattar
Yoga is not a religion, it’s a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; Yoga helps in developing the balance between all the three"- added Mr Khattar
"We have seen great passion for Yoga among Australians. We have invited renowned Yoga teacher "Swechha Kulshreshta" for this event and expecting great response from the Australians"- Mr Khattar further added
Picture: Sweccha Kulshrestha

Swechha Kulshrestha is a Charismatic Certified Yoga Coach and a specialist in all style yoga. She is Globally renowned speaker on a number of subjects including beauty, fashion and health. She is a prominent Judge on several, Australian, Indian, Nepal and Global fashion and beauty shows. She is also a guide and mentor to many in this industry and a Director and editor of Supermodel Glamour and Glitz .

Swechha is a renowned media personality in Australia and have worked for all India Radio Bikaner and have also cofounded a Hindi News Paper Hindi Gaurav

While talking to NRI Herald Ms Swechha Kulshreshtha said:

"As we all know human life is rare to get, and we realise that how many souls that try to come in our body but only few gets successful. Yoga is a vast science but my favourite subject is to bring balance not only physically but also in terms of energy in our subtle body."- Said Ms Kulshreshtha

Yoga is a complete science | Five layers are as follows: -

1. Annamaya Layer: First layer of our body is an Annamaya which means physical body which we can touch, feel and see with our physical eyes and this body can be named like Swechha, Sunita, etc. Most of the time we are identified by our physical body and it gets looked after by eating right satwik food like fruits and veggies, we can call it pranik food.

2. Pranamaya Layer: Second layer of our body is known as Pranamaya which is looked upon by our breath so in other words, how we breathe, where we breathe and also if there are plants like tulsi around us, and how clean the environment (air) surrounding is, that's how we balance out Pranamaya. This is also somewhat physical in nature but also involve what energy we carry from our previous birth and past experiences but we can change the past heavy energies into positive ones with consistent Pranamaya practice.

3. Manomaya Layer: This layer is related to our emotional health and is called emotional body and it gets balanced or imbalanced by what we are eating, what we're watching and whom we are surrounded with so it is very important to watch our company and read right literature to keep manmaya in balance.

4. Vijnanamaya Layer: Fourth layer of our body is Vijnanamaya which is said to be wisdom body. This comes in slowly gradually when we start to balance our first three layers so there is experiences like you start to understand things from inside out. At this stage we realised that there is some force, power or wisdom work beyond our expectations. For physical world those things are miracles, not everyone's journey comes to this point as all are taking different approach to life as per the desire and dream.

5. Anandmaya Layer: Fifth layer of our body is Anandmaya, which is said to be bliss and it only happens to people who follow yogic path knowingly or unknowingly and when bliss comes you are on the path to self realisation and we identify ourselves as soul. We feel that amazing sense of pleasure which is not possible in physical world, it brings to kind of Samadhi.

"This is just a short introduction of my understanding of five layers of our body and what it requires to live healthy. It is possible for each and every one of us to succeed in balancing our bodies if that is our wish. Yoga and Pranamaya can help all of us to start this journey."- added Ms Sweccha

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