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#Breaking "Assault on Vishal Jood": Complaint filed at Sydney Quakers Hills Patrol Command -Details

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Breaking news published by NRI Herald, 09 September 2021

#Breaking "Assault on Vishal Jood": Complaint filed at Sydney Quakers Hills Patrol Command -Details

In the latest development the legal representatives of Vishal Jood on concerns raised by Vishal Jood himself, have filed an "ASSAULT ON VISHAL JOOD" complaint at Sydney's Quakers hill Patrol command. The Assault on Vishal Jood took place on 6th December 2020 .

Complaint Addressed to:

A formal letter of complaint as instructed by Vishal Jood himself has been initiated by Vishal's legal representatives to the Patrol Commander (Quakers Hill LAC) along with cc to Honourable Minister of Police (Mr David Elliot) & Indian Consulate General of India (by email)

On 6 December 2020, Vishal Jood attended a ‘Farmers Rally” at "Wright Reserve, Rye Road, Quakers Hill". Vishal Jood was standing there holding an Indian flag, he was grabbed, pushed, pulled, punched, kicked and hit with objects by a mob. The attack was entirely unprovoked.

Below are some of snapshots from the actual events of 6th December 2020 where Vishal Jood was assaulted and the screenshots also shows some of the attackers. These snapshots have also been submitted to the concerned authorities along with the complaint.

Further to Vishal Jood's statement, Legal representatives are instructed as follows:

1. One of the attackers (in a black turban) has admitted in his former Tik Tok account “Aussie Bains” that he assaulted Vishal Jood.

2. The person depicted in the videos with a long beard in a pale green turban and light-coloured Indian clothing (kurta pyjama) repeatedly hit and kicked Vishal Jood causing him to fall to the ground. His image is below:

3. As per the complaint: The person in the image below hit Vishal Jood with an object:

#Breaking "Assault on Vishal Jood": Complaint filed at Sydney Quakers Hills Patrol Command -Details

4. As per the complaint: An image of the person in the orange turban who assaulted Vishal Jood is below:

5. As per the complaint: The person in the blue turban and white polo shirt who assaulted Vishal Jood is depicted in the images below:

#Breaking "Assault on Vishal Jood": Complaint filed at Sydney Quakers Hills Patrol Command -Details

6. As per the complaint: One of the speakers at the rally (in sunglasses, green top and blue turban) who was in the middle of the melee is depicted below:

As to this matter, Vishal Joods legal representatives (LRs) noted that:

1. The assault took place at a public meeting in Quakers hill Local Area Command, for which LRs assume the patrol command gave the permission. LRs also assume the details must be available with the Patrol command.

2. On or about 20 June 2021, a concerned group of persons of Indian origin met with the Minister of Police – Mr David Elliot and conveyed their concerns about this attack and other targeted and unprovoked attacks against members of the Indian community in Sydney by organised groups. The Minister had assured these persons that NSW Police would investigate this and other attacks.

LRs are not aware of any arrests or police investigation to date and have asked the Patrol Command to acknowledge the receipt of this complaint and have also requested to provide an Event Number, of which NRI Herald does not have any details yet.

Enquiries about the progress of this complaint can be made to:

1) The Patrol Commander, Quakers Hill Local Area Command:

2) Mr David Elliot, Minister of Police:

3) Indian Consul, Sydney:

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