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"India Kill Sikhs" Hate poster emerge in VIC Sikh Gurudwara,Aussie-Indians Shocked,Complaint filed

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

News by NRI Herald Australia 21 Feb 2022

Khalistan terror sikh gurudwara Australia
Left: Khalistani Terrorist flag & photo of terror accused Deep Sidhu ; Right: Craigieburn Gurudwara

In yet another bid to instigate communal tensions among peaceful Indian community by some fringe elements sent a shocking wave among Aussie-Indian community all across Australia. The incident reported in Craigieburn, Victoria (Australia) on 20th Feb 2022 whereby a Sikh Gurudwara (Sikh religious entity of worship) showcased an Anti-India/Hindu poster blatantly in between the "Khalistan" flags.

Australian Indians Shocked

Australian Indian community which is known for its remarkable contribution to Australian Economy, Technology Expertise, Peace , Multiculturalism and Harmony is living in extreme fear for their life and property.

While talking to NRI herald one of the member from Aussie-Indian community & the local victorian resident on the condition of anonymity said that:

"As being practising Hindu religion and lawful Australian citizen, me and my whole family and friends are feeling hurt with this poster. This is a deplorable act of discrimination and hate against Hindu and Indian community. We demand from govt of Australia to take action against these people who is defaming whole Aussie- Indian & Hindu community."

NRI Herald's journalist approached the Craigieburn Sikh Gurudwara committee via formal email with the queries pertaining to this incident which took place inside their religious premises which is supposed to be a religious place and have not received any reply from the Gurudwara committee yet.

One of the renowned Australian organisation Australian Hindu Association (AHA) tweeted from their official twitter handle of Australian Hindu Media:

"Entrance of a Gurdwara in Australia. Nestled between 2 Khalistan flags are pictures of Deep Sidhu with the words “End Hindu Fascism.” Deep Sidhu died in a car accident. He was an accused in the violent 2021 Indian Republic Day attack on Delhi’s Red Fort"

Australian Hindu Media further tweeted with a tag to PM of Australia"Scott Morison" and Minister of Defence "Peter Dutton"

"This Hinduphobic image was displayed at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Craigieburn, Victoria. Unacceptable & deplorable vilification of Hindus by an alleged religious institution"

TikTok video has also surfaced from the handle of optimistic_punjaban blatantly showcasing Sikh Gurudwara's Anti-India and Anti-Hindu content.

The aforesaid TikTok handle contains various objectionable posts which vilifies India & its people and shows Terror accused (Deep Sidhu was facing terror charges in Indian court due to his involvement in 26th Feb incidents at Red Fort before he died in the car accident) as heros.

Complaint filed and Demand to cancel "Place of Worship" permission intensifies.

While talking to NRI herald one of the local resident (identity kept anonymous due to safety reasons) who raised this issue with Craigieburn Police & Hume Council said that:

"I was deeply anguished by this blatant hate for Indians & Hindus in Craigieburn. I called the cops as soon as i saw this poster inside Sikh Gurudwara and requested them to initiate proceedings against such act."
"Cops asked me to contact the local council. I called Hume Council to which they acted swiftly and sent council officers to the spot. The hateful poster has now been removed by the Gurudwara."
Local resident talking to craigieburn Cops about the Anti-India/Hindu poster placed at the Gurudwara

The local victorian resident further told NRI Herald that:

"They are spreading rumours and poison in the community. Police asked me to go inside the Gurudwara and talk to the committee but I wanted everything legalised so police asked me to wait till they reach the spot. Police didn't do anything by calling it as a political matter."

Some of the local residents of Craigieburn have told NRI Herald on the basis of anonymity that they are planning to file formal complaints to politicians including ACNC (Australia Charity & Not-For-Profit Commission) to demand the cancelation of "Place Of Worship" permission for this Gurudwara as they are involved in such activities.

Australia has a history of Anti-India activities.

NRI Herald has reported several times in the past on how Indian's especially Hindus are being targeted by some fringe Khalistani elements disguised among Australian Sikh Community.

One such incident took place last year in which a Indian Hindu student (Vishal Jood) was assaulted in broad daylight during organised #FarmerProtest at the Quaker Hills, Sydney only because he supported Indian government stand and chanted "Bharat Mata ki Jai" (Hail Mother India) whereby NSW Police failed to institute criminal proceedings against Vishal Jood Assaulters-2nd complaint filed.

As per our sources, NSW police is still investigating the matter of "Vishal Jood assault case" and has not initiated any action against the perpetrators even after 14 months of the complaint filed. Various Social Activists, Media Groups as well as Non profit organisations are following up on the same.

Khalistani cells operating in Australia

The US based Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) was banned on July 10, 2019 by Government of India under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for anti-India activities.

Sikh For Justice is a terrorist group
logo of banned terror group SFJ

Earlier these groups did not have much footprints in Australia but in recent years and appeasement of the foreign media, Political class & undocumented funding mechanisms mainly in the name of charity, donations , grants etc have led to outright expansion of hatred toward Aussie-Indian community especially peaceful Hindus in particular.

NRI Herald from its credible sources have found that these fringe groups are operating in small groups called 'cells' and constantly brainwashing the youth coming from Indian Punjab and including them into such acts of organised hatred in various countries like US, Canada, India and Australia is now seems to be on the list. This could be due to lenient visa norms which Australia follows.

Some of the Gurudwaras around the world have already started opposing the presence of such terror elements. One such incident was reported from Kelowna,Canada where by the youth was thrown out of the Gurudwara premises who wanted to pray for terror accused "Deep Sidhu"

One of the other tweet by renowned Australian Not-For-Profit exposed the government grant given to the mother organisation Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh Cultural Society of Victoria Incorporated , which says while tagging Victoria's Premier Mr Andrews:

"Craigeburn Gurdwara in Victoria which displayed the poster "End Hindu Fascism" is a regtd charity. Received $1 million plus in funding from govt grants last financial year. Why is tax-payers money being used to fund political hate-speech & hate against Hindus?"

There has been a profound funding mechanism from Khalistani terror groups which works at the backdrop of religious institutions to propagate ideological cause. Such acts create great distress to communities and create an atmosphere of hate crimes against minorities which puts the life of a person in danger.

Australian Counter Terrorism Laws

As per Australia's counter-terrorism laws, Terrorist acts is defined as:

A terrorist act is an act, or a threat to act, that meets both these criteria:

  • it intends to coerce or influence the public or any government by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause.

  • it causes one or more of the following:

  • death, serious harm or danger to a person

  • serious damage to property

  • a serious risk to the health or safety of the public

  • serious interference with, disruption to, or destruction of critical infrastructure such as a telecommunications or electricity network.

Isn't time when Australian legal system must preside and take action against such elements whose ultimate goal is devastation of peace and tranquillity of a country like Australia which Aussie-Indians call their home.


This is a developing story. Necessary updates will be released from time to time.....

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