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Anti-Hindu Riots: Indian Court grants bail to 6 Muslim accused who burnt Hindu "Dilbar Negi" alive.

Updated: Jan 23

News report on Delhi's 2020-Anti-Hindu Riots, Published by NRI Herald Australia 19 Jan 2022

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday (January 18, 2022) granted bail to six Muslim accused (Mohammad Tahir, Shah Rukh, Md. Faisal, Md. Shoaib, Rashid and Parvez) in connection with the murder of Dilbar Negi in Gokulpuri during the anti-Hindu riots in north-east Delhi in February 2020

In one of the recent case of extreme barbarity by India's islamists over a 22 year old Hindu resident of India's National capital, which shook the entire Hindu population of the world including Indian diaspora living around the world including Australia. It won't be a misnomer to call this incident as one of the most vile in the recent history which showcases the sorry state of affair of India's Judicial system whereby Hindu victims are treated as second class citizens and families who are looking for justice are stripped off all Human Rights.

Dilbar Negi, 22, was felled to death by a mob of muslim rioters in Gokulpuri, Delhi. Negi had come to Delhi for a job from his native state Uttarakhand six months before the incident. According to Delhi Police, there was a riot near Shiv Vihar Tiraha on February 24 in which the muslim accused pelted stones, ransacked them and set several shops on fire there. Two days later, Dilbar Negi's mutilated charred body was recovered from a sweet shop.

It is said that even when people saw the body, it was still burning. The local police started investigating the case after a case was registered at Gokulpuri police station. The FIR was registered under Section 147 (Punishment for rioting), 148 (Rioting, armed with a deadly weapon), 149 (Unlawful assembly), 302 (Murder), 201 (Causing disappearance of evidence), 436 (Mischief by fire) and 427 (Mischief causing damage) of the Indian Penal Code.

However, further investigation was transferred to the crime branch SIT. According to media reports, 12 accused were arrested in the case during the investigation. The charge sheet was filed on 4th June 2020 after the investigation. According to the chargesheet, Dilbar Negi’s hands and feet were chopped off by the mob of muslim rioters. Negi, who was working in the sweet shop, had come to Delhi looking for a job from his native state Uttarakhand just six months before the incident.

As per the Police report, rioters pelted stones and set several shops on fire on February 24 near Shiv Vihar Tiraha. Two days after the riots, a mutilated and torched dead body was found in the said sweet shop that was one of the shops burnt down by the rioters.

Advocate Amit Mahajan, appearing for the Delhi Police had vehemently opposed the grant of bail.

Citizen Reactions

One of the twitter user "Rahul Pandita" posted a video which shows one of the colleague of the same sweet shop where Dilbar was burnt alive.

One of the BJP leader of Delhi and the founder of Global Hindu Ecosystem "Kapil Mishra" said:

We all should really be ashamed that we failed to ensure justice for Dilbar Negi ji.
दिलबर नेगी की भयानक हत्या के मामलें में आज आरोपियों को जमानत मिल गयी दिलबर नेगी और उनके परिवार से मैं व्यक्तिगत रूप से हाथ जोड़कर माफी मांगता हूं कि अभी तक न्याय नहीं दिला पाएं
Very sad day

15,000 KM away from India, one of the Australian twitter user, a PhD Scholar and an activist fighting for Hindu Human Rights "Sarah Gates" tweeted:

How can they afford to be on bail with such gravity of offense? Serious question.