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Anti-Hindu attacks in UK & the silent support from ever existing 'Anti-India' British Deep State.

NRI Herald Australia, Honest opinion by Kunal Athrav, 25 September 2022

Anti Hindu Violence in UK
Islamists attack Smetwick Hindu Temple ; Image Source: Twitter

Until a few months ago chatter within diaspora Indian (especially Hindu) circles spoke endlessly about the rising of Hindu figures in the British political system. Priti Patel & Rishi Sunak were examples of how successful Indian Origin Hindus could be in a free and fair society that values merit and add value in societies where the economic sun is setting hard.

Complemented with unending circulations of lists comprising Hindu Indians who now happen to be CEOs of major global brands many believed life outside India would open endless opportunities to Hindus who are successfully able to migrate and escape the Indian establishment’s cold-war era socialist setup further constrained by caste & region-based quota systems.

Suddenly there was a coup in the British political system and Rishi Sunak emerged as a prime-ministerial candidate giving further air to chatter about how successful immigrant Hindus could be, many declaring him as the next leader of a country that in past had colonised his ancestors. Sadly, that didn’t happen and with Liz Truss becoming UK’s new prime minister, the image of practising Hindus being a part of the British establishment suddenly vanished.

What followed was an unexpected storm. An India-Pakistan cricket match was suddenly blamed for flaming tensions between Hindu and Muslim cricket fans in the UK. Hindus celebrating India’s victory were set upon by angry Pakistan-supported Islamists leading to clashes. That should have been it with the police stepping in and controlling the situation.

What followed was some influential and allegedly radical UK-based Islamists using their social media presence to enflame the situation by claiming that Muslims in Leicestershire were under attack by Hindu mobs. Fake news (as clarified by Leicester Police- Snapshot below) went around that Muslim youth were allegedly being assaulted, stabbed, mosques vandalised and even an attempt to kidnap a young Muslim girl. Despite the local police denying any such occurrences, the handles kept enflaming the situation by parroting more fake news.

Leicester Police Official Twitter Handle tweet
Leicester Police clarification on anti-hindu fake news from its official twitter handle

Suddenly one-night peaceful Hindu locality of Leicestershire was wakened by rampaging mobs of fanatic Islamists going around stabbing people, damaging cars and desecrating Hindu religious symbols. Videos on social media showed stunned UK Hindus calling the police and requesting help.

On 21st September a protest march was planned by Hindu youth in the area which was escorted by police. The march came under attack yet again by frenzied Jihadist mobs. Street battles saw a Hindu temple being vandalised by UK-based jihadists. Surprisingly all of it happened with police presence and that in a way set alarm bells off

Soon another call to violence was given, this time in Smethwick. With a small Hindu community in the area consisting mainly of elderly people, the Jihadist minds planning this unrest had probably singled out this temple as a soft target since it wouldn’t have Hindu youth present for defence or retaliation.

Videos emerged of Jihadists scaling the temple fences and creating unrest while the British police chose to look on like lambs. This begs the question; how could such large-scale violence be allowed to go on unchecked, especially since all calls to violence had been given openly on social media which the police were following and were aware of? Had the tables turned and say for example Tommy Robinson and EDL (English Defence League) had given similar calls to violence against Islamic communities and places of worship would the British police have reacted in a similar way allowing mobs to run riot stabbing people and desecrating religious places? The answer would be a big NO!!

Many people are baffled and probably trying to find a reason for this madness and why it was allowed to go ahead. The answer is that someone in a position of power probably wanted this to happen. Deep-state as some would call it probably wanted the UK’s Hindu community cut to size, showing them their place as an immigrant minority who shouldn’t have put a claim to being in charge of the country. And what better way to achieve this goal other than exploiting age-old rivalries?

Often more successful minority groups turn into eye-sores for the majority and especially when it’s an immigrant minority population that was once colonised and ruled over by the local majority which in turn has been taught for generations, that they are a superior race created to rule the inferior colonised people, things are bound to go south.

As a colonial-era British policy fanatic Islamist groups were often used to control India’s Hindu leadership leading the freedom struggle. Engineered riots and calls to violence like the Direct Action Day are reminders of how the colonial machinery had mastered the art of using religious fanatics to achieve their goals. This policy didn’t stop with India’s freedom and division of the Indian sub-continent.

A newly created Pakistan was constantly armed, funded and patronised by the same British deep-state into continuing to be a thorn in India’s path to progress. On digging deep more probable reasons for this encouragement start coming to light. At the start of this year’s Russo-Ukraine conflict, India decided to sit on the fence not taking sides.

Liz Truss who now is the British Prime-minister rushed to New Delhi to get the Indian government’s support for its anti-Russia block. Her visit coincided with that of Russia’s Mr Lavrov. Whereas Mr Lavrov got an audience with the Indian prime minister Mr Modi, Liz Truss was ignored and she spent her time answering questions from the local media. On top of this India started buying Russian oil at discount rates and continued to ignore calls to distance itself from its time-tested partner that Russia happens to be.

In 1982 Britain and Argentina fought a bloody war over ownership of the Falklands islands. India recently has been trying to sell its home-grown Tejas fighter jets to Argentina. To make matters worse India recently referred to the islands using its Argentinian name, Malvinas. This definitely didn’t go down well with the British establishment which would have been left seething in anger over the defiance shown by their former colony.

Although the Indian state declared itself as “secular” and often gives its minority groups many incentives, a time-tested way of hurting India has been to hurt Hindus. History saw that when ‘Direct Action Day’ happened when fanatic Khalistanis killed and displaced 35,000 Punjabi Hindus to achieve their goals of Khalistan and when Kashmir-based jihadist groups wiped out the entire Kashmiri Hindu population.

Hindu-diaspora groups all over the world are connected with their Indian roots and have openly backed Mr Modi and his party, the BJP in their campaigns to govern India. Every now and then BJP leaders visit the Hindu diaspora in Western countries and keep them up to date with their policies and achievements.

Hindus in general feel overwhelmed at the progress shown by the Indian economy (last quarter 13.5% GDP growth highest in the world) in the last two terms of Mr Modi’s government and happily align with his party. Somehow this seems to be the thorn in the eyes of many. It was more than visible when the inciters of the UK’s anti-Hindu riots labelled Hindus as RSS/BJP affiliated and Hindu temples as Hindutva centres giving a call to violence against them.

A clear pattern could be seen in the actions of those who instigated the violence against UK Hindus and it points to Hindus being seen as supporters of India’s Mr. Modi. “An enemy of my enemy is a friend”, is the only possible way to explain the invisible support given by the British deep-state to the frenzied jihadists many of whom are well known to be associated with global terrorist organisations like ISIS.

As reports emerge there have been rumours of many Hindu families leaving the riot-hit areas, while the others are deciding to remove symbols of their religious affiliation visible in their homes and vehicles, it seems that the British deep-state has achieved its current goal. The long-term impact of fear-mongering and chaos created to cause this unrest is yet to be seen.

A country that goes around declaring itself to be the champion of human rights, lecturing others on how minorities should have the right to follow their faith utterly and shamelessly legitimised the targeting of religious minorities to settle political scores.

UK violence has just set precedence for how frenzied mobs can be effectively used to control certain ethno-religious groups by the state and even use violence over them to dictate or settle scores with foreign powers.

Whether Hindus settled in other Western countries should be expecting similar state-sanctioned violence or if things would be ‘Business as Usual for them would depend on how interested the Indian government is in tackling the UK situation. India has the economic and military influence to put pressure on countries like the UK and drive this violence to closure, whether it has the will is another topic.


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