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Amrullah Saleh- One man taking on Taliban and its allies : A story of bravery, nationalism and Grit.

Opinion published by NRI Herald, 24 August 2021

"Amrullah Saleh" a name which was unknown in the world political circle few days ago is now a name of "The Resistance" against the Islamic terrorist organisation 'Taliban'. Amrullah Saleh (born 15 October 1972) is an Afghan politician who has claimed the office of acting president of Afghanistan since 17 August 2021. He has also been the 5th first vice president of Afghanistan since February 2020 and served as the minister of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan in 2018 and 2019 and as head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) from 2004, until his resignation in 2010.

When the entire world including the mighty US left Afghanistan in smudges, when the very own sitting president of Afghanistan & Afghan Defence Forces abandoned the entire country. When the Islamic state of Pakistan and communist China openly giving statements in support of Pakistan. A leader is born who refused to abandon his people and country.

We will continue to fight

In one of the interviews given to Australia media house 60 minutes in December 2008 Amarullah said:

If all the mighty world powers decide to look the other way round and don't help Afghanistan, it's their own decision and I can stop them but that does not mean I will stop. We are clear and we will continue to fight.

He will not Surrender

Lara Logan who took this interview tweeted day before yesterday (22nd August 2021) :

Here is Vice Pres Amrullah Saleh, when I first interviewed him all those years ago. He is now Afghanistan’s acting Pres & has not surrendered: He’s in the Pansjir Valley with many Afghan Special Forces led by Ahmad Masood.

The Resistance

One of the India's leading online news portal reported yesterday:

Acting President Amarullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud are leading the resistance against the Taliban in Panjshir valley and nearby areas.

Pakistan is the culprit

Amrullah Saleh in various interviews available on social media has told about Pakistan's involvement in destabilising Afghanistan and their involvement in terrorising entire South Asia. In one such interview given to France 24 English on march 28, 2019 Mr Saleh said:

We will never bow to Pakistan',

Mr Saleh also said:

Pakistan's policy around Afghanistan had been dogmatic and militaristic. Unfortunately pakistan lack other perspectives like economy & people to people contact. Their policy has caused lot of bloodshed in Afghanistan

The unverified handle of Amrullah Saleh with over 800K followers tweeted:

Truth can't be hidden or faked for long. It comes out and hits back at the liar & the deceiver. Pakistan can't hide anymore. They are in the war and on the side of the terrorist Taliban.

That indelible color red in my heart is Afghanistan.

One of the unverified handle of Amrullah Saleh with over 800K followers tweeted:

That indelible color red in my heart is Afghanistan. Only God will one day evacuate my soul from here but still my remains will reunite with the soil. I own Afghanistan & it owns me. We are one. It speaks to me every day.

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