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From #SanctionPakistan, China to Kabul Airport Blast-NRI Herald Analyse Afghanistan's 4th dimension.

Opinion published by NRI Herald, 29th August 2021

From #SantionPakistan, China to Kabul Airport Blast- NRI Herald Analyse Afghanistan's 4th dimension.

In one of the dreaded attack Islamic terrorists of Taliban at Kabul's Airport in which at least 90 Afghan civilians and 13 US service members have died. We are trying to understand what happened and multiple forces who could be responsible behind what's happening in Afghanistan.

There had been #SanctionaPakistan trending all across twiteer for the entire day of 27th August. From Canadian diplomat to award winning journalist of Wall street expressed their concern and shared tweets with #Sanction Pakistan.

Let's cut to the chase and come to point directly. The Kabul Airport bombing was done by Khalil Haqqani (KH) and masterminded by ISI Pakistan-Let's Analyse.

Who is KH?

Khalil Haqqani is a dreaded terrorist belonging to Haqqani clan and carries a $5 million bounty on his head. Currently he is security head of Kabul. If anyone could have escaped the Taliban checkposts - more chance it's someone close to Haqqanis.

Haqqanis are an influential tribe in Afghanistan - though it’s in lower pecking order and is not considered blue blood. But they are strongest militarily and a veritable arm and closest confidant of ISI Pakistan.

Connection of ISIS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province) with Haqqanis & ISI:

When Taliban took over Kabul and rest of Afghanistan they freed the jailed ISIS & TTP (Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan) terrorists too. If they are MORTAL ENEMIES - would they have freed them?

Now Taliban in Afghanistan are called Afghan Taliban and they are made up of various tribes and clans who if left to themselves will fight to death with each other over a piece of land. And TTP has the same agenda as Afghan Taliban (AT) - just that their area of operation is Pakistan. Both AT & TTP want Sharia - one over Pakistan and the latter over Afghanistan.

In all this ISI created the ISIS - K as a deflection and also with an agenda. The agenda is global Caliphate. This is the dream of Pakistan Army too - and their aim has been Afghanistan & India for starters. ISIS-K were members of Haqqani clan camouflaged as ISIS-K. The idea is to give operational macro view to AT ( for Afghanistan) & TTP ( for Pakistan ) and align with LeT / JeM for India specific operations. Which is why JeM leader was in Afghanistan on 17-19 August 2021 meeting with Taliban.

Also one common thread runs through Pakistan Army Chiefs (Zia to Musharraf) - Afghan Taliban - TTP - ISIS K - LeT - JeM. And that is they all adhere to "DEOBANDI" version of Islam. Can you show any other ISIS ( Syria / Iraq etc ) - who adhere to Deoband? None.

So attacks by ISIS-K gives plausible deniability to both ISI & Taliban. By showing to world that ISIS-K is aligned to global ISIS, the ISI & Taliban tried its best to show that they does NOT control it. But where else will you find Deobandi & Haqqanis as ISIS - only in ISIS-K.

Why attack Kabul airport ?

ISI quickly needs global recognition for Taliban (AT) - the US has signed Doha Agreement and has (perhaps) left $60 billion of arms as “reparation” costs for Pakistan. ( How India is going to tackle Black Hawks is another story). But ISI grew nervous at consolidation of Northern Alliance and at same time Taliban soldiers were thirsting for violence against the American soldiers. All their brainwashing at Deoband madrassas they were taught of three devils - USA / Israel / India. ISI saw its high risk gamble of blowing up Chinese soldiers at Dasu work out quite well - the Chinese quickly called Taliban to China and recognised them. ISI thought to prove global legitimacy of Taliban it has to be shown to be protector against the ISIS - thereby blowing up US soldiers will be a great way to wake up the US to fast track legitimacy for Taliban. Also Haqqanis will find peace at killing US soldiers ( safety valve theory of letting go of pent up fury). It considers Afghans leaving the country as mere fodder - their deaths mean nothing to Taliban. Hence ISI orchestrated the blast through Haqqanis masquerading as ISIS - K. And global media has fallen for this spin that Taliban & ISIS K are mortal enemies.

Are Taliban & ISIS K mortal enemies - did they not fight with each other ?

In Afghanistan one tribe fights with another at all times. Even within the same tribe are sub clans - and in that too two people belonging to same sub clan fight amongst each other. Example : Take Pashtuns as a whole.

BUT WHY....?

At top of the pecking order are blue blooded DURRANI elites (12%). The other blue bloods are the BARAKZAI & POPALZAI sub clans and the commoner amongst them GHILZAIS (15%).


Under the direction of ISI, Haqqani network camouflaging as ISIS in Afghanistan.

1. Pakistan is saying ISIS- K responsible for Kabul blast that killed innocent Afghans and US marines too.

2. Pakistan is also saying that TALIBAN are the good folks who are trying to stop ISIS - K

3. But HAQQANI network is camouflaging as ISIS - K in Afghanistan. To confuse the Western minds and we know that ISI 🇵🇰 owns Haqqanis.

Hence : Kabul blast is engineered by ISI Pakistan to give legitimacy to Taliban. It used Taliban’s Haqqanis to camouflage the attacks under the name of ISIS K for this.

BUT WHY....?


Keep Afghanistan on boil so the China and US depend on pakistan which is only way Pakistan make money as it is facing the biggest financial crisis in its history under Imran Khan government and keep its importance.

Once US gone, Pakistan will lose the money and shield against India and once China find alternate Cpec route via Afghanistan, Pakistan money making stops.

After CIA chief went to Afghanistan to meet Taliban - a meeting supervised by ISI - the Americans decided to hand over list of Americans and Afghans to be evacuated. It was a “kill list” to bloodthirsty Taliban - after all, they are taught in their madrassas to kill the great American devils. The ISI has a plan to legitimise Taliban and for that it had to show that ISIS-K is the bad terrorist. Hence the Kabul blast was shown as handiwork of ISIS-K.

But Haqqanis are camouflaged as ISIS-K. So the blast is a ISI work to legitimise Taliban by using Taliban ( since Haqqanis are Taliban and if they dress up as ISIS K, they still remain Taliban).


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