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How India's Modi Government saved lives of hundreds of Sikhs & Hindus from Afghanistan: courtesy CAA

News Published by NRI Herald, 23 August 2021

India's Citizenship Amendment Act which was passed back in 2019 by present right wing nationalist BJP in Indian Parliament is proving to be a boon for the religious persecuted minorities Hindus & Sikhs of Islamic republic of Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan. This act when passed was opposed by various left wing extremist political parties like Indian National Congress (INC) including the very own political parties which claim to be the flag bearer of Sikhs in India like Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD).

But the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi led BJP government is proving to be a blessing for hundreds of people from religious minority especially Sikhs & Hindus in the present context of Islamic Terror situation prevailing in Afghanistan by Taliban operating out of Afghanistan and allegedly being supported by Pakistan as reported by AP News on August 12, 2021

60 Afghans including 23 Sikhs & Hindus airlifted by India just yesterday on 22nd August 2021. As per unconfirmed reports more than 600 families of Hindus & Sikhs have left Afghanistan and have reached India in the wake for a better & peaceful life since the CAA is passed. Thousands of such persecuted minorities who have been living in India without any amenities are still awaiting their citizenship.

Sikh Afghanistan MP Narinder Singh Khalsa

India yesterday rescued the family of one of the Sikh MP of Afghanistan Narinder Singh Khalsa. In one of the Interview Mr Khalsa said on Camera:

I thank PM Modi for his swift action and helping us during these testing times. I thank the Indian Government that they have saved us from the Jaws of death.

One of the twitter user Aditya Raj Kaul (Group Contributing Editor-Network18) informs in the same tweet that the father of MP Narender Singh Khalsa, Avtar Singh was killed in a 2018 terror attack in Jalalabad.

The same twitter user shared another tweet in which he said:

Photographs that may remain etched in memory forever. Three members of the Afghan Sikh community holding the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji (holy book of Sikh community) from different Gurudwaras in Afghanistan at the Kabul airport today. India came to the rescue of Afghan Sikhs.

India is constantly leading the way in this rescue operations as we write this article.

Aditya Raj Kaul in another tweet said:

More Afghan nationals evacuated by India earlier today from Kabul in Afghanistan. Over 46 Afghans rescued by the Indian Air Force earlier today. Three Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji (holy book of Sikh community) on way to India as well from Kabul. More Afghans to be rescued soon.

As per Citizenship Amendment Act these rescued families from would now be able to apply for Indian Citizenship after 5 years of stay in India which was never possible earlier. Meanwhile, Indian government and people of India are providing them full support and making arrangements currently.


Entire NRI Herald team is with every Afghani during these testing times and will encourage the members of Afghan Community residing in any part of the world to reach out to us on and we will certainly take your voice to the world.

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